Animation is everywhere. You can find it in movies, on TV and probably while scrolling through social media.

But, have you ever stopped to consider where these images are created?

Rebel One Animation Studios is a five-person animation production company. It would not be surprising to find a company like Rebel One in a big city. But Rebel One is based out of Williamsville.

When asked why they started their company in Western New York, Samantha Haney, the co-founder and creative director, asked why not.

"Buffalo has a ton of technology resources here," Haney said.

Animation companies often gravitate toward Hollywood or cities that have international business connection, Haney explained. But Rebel One took a chance on Western New York and has not looked back.

"Traditionally, they've always been in the bigger cities but they're so inundated with these big huge firms that it can get costly," Haney said. "Their costs go up whereas ours, in a Buffalo landscape, are pretty reasonable."

Rebel One produces content mostly for local companies like Wendel, Sinatra Realty and Buffalo Medical Group.

Haney said the Buffalo renaissance is fostering the right environment for the animation industry to thrive. Plus, it is still affordable to live here.

"The environment in Buffalo is so welcoming versus other cities I feel," Haney explained. "We have a ton of support from the rest of the creative community and as far as advertising and manufacturing, we work together with other teams."

Because so much of the creative development is new however, Haney said Western New York is still recognizing and embracing what is available and possible.

She said she hopes Rebel One can be a leader in showing other animation companies what can be done right here.

"I think the goal is to help change the culture of what's going on in Buffalo," Haney remarked.

They plan to do that by using their tools of 2D and 3D animations, visualizations and motion graphics and offering those services locally.