A Chautauqua County hunter has pleaded guilty in the shooting death of his neighbor.

Thomas Jadlowski pleaded guilty to Criminally Negligent Homicide and Hunting after Hours. The plea was entered on Thursday in Chautauqua County Court.

Jadlowski was charged in November of 2017 after he shot and killed 43-year-old, Rose Jafarjian Billquist, in the town of Sherman. Jadlowski said he misidentified her as a deer.

Jadlowski, 33, will be sentenced in January of 2019. He faces up to four years in prison.

The sentence follows consultation with the victim's husband, Jamie Billquist, according to Patrick Swanson, Chautauqua County District Attorney,

“This has never been about vengeance. That is not what Rosie would have wanted. From the beginning I wanted the defendant to take responsibility and be held accountable," said Billquist. "I want the next hunter who thinks about shooting after hours to think, ‘There was this guy that went to prison. I should just go home.’”