NIAGARA FALLS, NY - The new principal at Niagara Falls High School is putting to an end a practice that could be seen as controversial -- parents delivering fast food to their kids during school.

Cynthia Jones transferred this summer from being the principal of an elementary school in Niagara Falls to being named principal at Niagara Falls High.

One of her first orders of business for the new school year -- prohibiting parents from delivering fast food to their kids during school hours.

"In some cases, students might call their parents and says mom or dad can you bring me something from a store or something from a fast food restaurant? Well that comes into the building during instructional time, well then that takes time away from that teacher who has to write a pass for that student to come downstairs," Jones said.

She said fast food delivery also distracts school resource officers.

"If they have to stop what they’re doing to make sure food gets to a certain student then yes, it does take their attention away from who’s coming and who’s going," Jones said.

She told 2 On Your Side that she noticed parents delivering fast food to their kids, while she was observing school activities toward the end of last school year.

Jones said of the days she was there, she saw a delivery made perhaps, once a day.

She said on one occasion a pizza delivery person had on order for a student.

REPORTER: Is there any understanding on how this was tolerated?

"Really can’t speak to what happened before I came here," Jones said.

REPORTER: Some may think that students have done this because the food here is not good is there any truth to that?

"For centuries kids have been talking about cafeteria food," Jones said.

REPORTER: What if it’s so for instance more of a healthier lunch that a kid forgot at home and the parent just wanted to drop off, would that be acceptable?

"I don’t see any issue with parents dropping off lunches for their kids, I can see that every once in a while," Jones said.

She pointed out that the high school offers free breakfast and free lunch to all students. This new procedure is mentioned in a letter to the editor of the Niagara Gazette, it was also put on the district’s Facebook page, and on its website. If there are fast food deliveries to students this school year, Jones said she will directly meet with those parents or guardians.