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How to practice good cyber security when working from home

Are you working from home? Make sure you're taking extra steps to protect yourself from security risks.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A lot of people are now working from home for the time being, but whether you're using your own computer or a company-issued one, how do you know it's safe?

Local attorney and cyber security expert Dan Greene says moving from a trusted office environment to working remotely in such a short period of time can create security risks, especially if your company gives you a computer to take home.

So here's what employees should do.

First, make sure you're on a secure wifi connection. The one you have at home should be fine. If you're using a personal computer, make sure all of your antivirus programs, like browser privacy tools, and security add-ons are up to date.

It's also a good idea to backup all of your files periodically, just in case your company is the victim of a ransomware attack.

One last thing, lock your screen, and make sure you create a private password, so no one else at home has access to your work.

"Too often, because you're multitasking, you're in a rush," Greene says. "You're trying to handle a lot or you're worried about what's going on, you're clicking on things you shouldn't. We talked about multi factor authentication, also individual factor authentication."

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