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How to handle back-to-school anxiety

Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb says keep traditions alive.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb says going back-to-school under regular circumstances is anxiety provoking for kids already, so this year there are some extra challenges.

Friday, 2 On Your Side talked with Dr. Taublieb about the three most likely back-to-school scenarios families are facing - at-home learning, the hybrid model, and the totally in the classroom model. She says if your kids are learning at home, stress to them that the decision was made with their well-being in mind by experts. And, if they're upset about having to be home, let them know it could change at any time.

For classroom learning, she says don't place your anxieties on your kids, and if they're looking forward to it, let them.

For hybrid learning, she says embrace it.

No matter which one your school is doing, Dr. Taublieb says keep traditions alive like going to get ice cream the night before the first of day of school.

"Whatever the traditions are in the family, by all means the extent to which it's possible, carry on those traditions this year. Remember, for kids, structure and familiarity are what make them psychologically secure," said Dr. Taublieb.

Out of the three most popular back-to-school models, she says hybrid parents will have the least difficult time getting kids in the mindset to go back.

"The hybrid parents, I think, kind of have it the easiest with the kids because they can say, you know what, you are so lucky. You have the best of both. You'll be able to go back to school, do face to face stuff, but you also have a few days when you're at home. How much luckier can you be?" she says.

Dr. Taublieb also told us Friday that she's been seeing people for COVID-related reasons as they've dealt with increased stress and anxiety because of the pandemic. She even started offering special sessions for them.

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