Buffalo, N.Y. — If you are planning on crossing the border anytime soon, you may notice some changes.

The Department of Homeland Security is updating their Northern Border Strategy.

The udpated border strategy focuses on three big things:

-Ensuring safe trade and travel

-Guarding against terroist and criminal threats

-Strengthening critical infrastructure protection

Homeland Security said this will include increased security through better communication between agencies. They said they will also enhance networking of agencies.

Perhaps most importantly, they will safeguard lawful trade through quicker inspection and screening.

This is a big one in light of recent tarriffs imposed by the White House to maintain national security.

The newly released strategy opens by calling the U.S. and Canada "two friendly nations."

The Northern Border Strategy is an update from a 2012 border strategy.

The Department of Homeland Security said they update the plan every five years.

Homeland Security will next develop an "implementation plan" for the updates.