LEWISTON, NY - A local ten year old boy who fought to survive and recover after suffering a tragic injury in a lawnmower accident is finally back home in Lewiston.

Through the love and support of friends and neighbors who helped his family, a community homecoming party was organized with the inclusion of first responders who turned out at the Creek Road home of Gavin Burns and his family.

Gavin's foot had to be amputated and he overcame complications from six surgeries, but now he's home.

"It's so important for Gavin to feel the love from everyone in the community," said his aunt, Brittany Page. "And they came together - amazing. You know he has a long road ahead of him and to see all of this love - we just hope it makes that much easier for him."

Gavin's grandfather, James Page, said, "This overwhelmed him. It overwhelmed our whole family - it gave us a new beginning. Today is our new beginning. How could you ask for a better Father's Day than this?"

Neighbor Theresa Jo Belkota says she knew to put pressure on Gavin's femoral artery to control the bleeding and save his leg - thanks to watching NBC's Law and Order SVU.