David Braunstein was criticized for his handling of an incident caught on video of hockey players calling an African-American player a monkey. Players making monkey sounds were also heard during the January game.

Braunstein resigned in March. He was criticized for his lack of action in the matter involving racist insults at a player.

January youth hockey game

Two months later, Braunstein indicated to several people associated with USA Hockey's local organization that he wanted his name on the ballot when the west section met Tuesday evening.

2 On Your Side spoke with three people who said Braunstein wanted his name considered for president. 

2 On Your Side was not allowed inside the meeting, but a source told us Braunstein failed to get on the ballot at Tuesday's meeting.

One of the persons Braunstein spoke with was Dr. Darren Brown-Hall, father of the player taunted.

"Mr. Braunstein called me (last month) a little while ago, explaining this to me that he was looking to actually come back and he wanted my thoughts on it. I explained to him at that time that I don't think that's a good idea," he said.

Brown-Hall says Braunstein needs to be accountable. "He resigned immediately after the story broke and now that the hearing has taken place, the discipline has been issued now he wants to come back."

Electing a president was on the agenda along with new rule changes. 

Currently, Gary Joseph is west section president of the state hockey association.

Amherst Youth Hockey Association player Roshaun Brown-Hall was the subject of the racial taunts from some members of the Cheektowaga Warriors 18-and-under team.

Dr. Darren Brown-Hall, father of the player taunted wanted the matter addressed and was told in an email from Braunstein that the investigation would not be done until after the playoffs. 

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The 18-and-under league playoff was cancelled. A Cheektowaga assistant junior hockey coach and player were suspended.


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