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Hochul reveals gun NY law proposals, limits on where guns can be carried

A special session of the legislature will be held in Albany on Thursday.

ALBANY, N.Y. — Lawmakers will be back in Albany on Thursday for a special session to address gun control legislation.

It is in response to the U.S. Supreme Court decision last week striking down New York's limits on concealed carry permits.

"The Supreme Court decision was a set back for us, but I would call it a temporary set back," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said.

Hochul has revealed her priorities concerning New York's gun legislation that will be debated during Thursday's special session.

"Guns in a household with 18-year-olds or younger will have to now be locked up," Hochul said.

The governor is also proposing requiring guns be locked up when traveling, at least 15 hours of in-person fire range training, and banning people from getting a concealed carry permit if they have a history of dangerous behavior.

You would also need a background check to buy ammunition for guns that need a permit.

The state would have so-called sensitive locations where you would not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. Hochul says that would include government buildings, health care facilities, places where children gather, and public transportation.

She says the plan is to require private businesses to put up a sign saying "concealed carry weapons welcomed here"; otherwise, the presumption would be that they are not.

"Allow them to not have to be subjected to someone walking into their workplace or a bar, restaurant, with a concealed weapon, and therefore, we're going to take that very strong step what we believe is sustainable, and that's what the law is going to be once we get this through tomorrow," Hochul said.

Attorney and legal analyst Barry Covert added: "She has included businesses, private businesses, unless they expressly authorize you to have that weapon. I haven't seen that in the past, but I think there's going to be a problem with that, that you have to ask every business, unless they have a sign up on the door, you have to ask them whether I have permission to come in because I have a pistol on me," said 

Covert says he would expect that part of the legislation to be challenged. 

"But with the remaining, what the other, with the sensitive uses, and the requirements for background checks, mental health background, your getting trained to use the pistol permit, she's simply accepting Justice Kavanaugh's invitation," Covert said.

Again, these are just the main points. The governor says details are still being worked out, and we haven't seen the text of the legislation yet.

Hochul says she hopes to sign this all into law on Thursday, but she said it might not happen until Friday.

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