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"HAWK" system set to launch Monday in Williamsville

The Village of Williamsville will unveil its new pedestrian crosswalk on November 19.

VILLAGE OF WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. - A new high intensity activated crosswalk or HAWK system will go live in Williamsville on Monday.

It's a pedestrian crosswalk that is not located at an intersection, but in the middle of a block. Village officials are hoping it will cut down on the number of people illegally crossing the street.

The deputy mayor of the Village of Williamsville, Basil Piazza, went with 2 On Your Side to a HAWK signal already operating on Sheridan Drive to talk about how it works.

"Well, what it's going to do is basically start flashing yellow and then turn red. So it's going to warn drivers that there is an unusual situation mid-block, wherever it is and when it turns red we all know to stop," Piazza said.

Once the pedestrian makes it halfway across the street, the lights will turn to flashing red lights, which means drivers can proceed when its clear.

The village has been talking about this crosswalk for a decade and its been in the planning phase for five years. It will be complete next week.

"Everything's been put together and it will be fully functional on the 19th of this month, which is just a few more days. So we're looking forward to having a safer situation for pedestrians here in the village" said Piazza.

Some pedestrians told 2 On Your Side that they are glad to have the crosswalk, but are nervous because drivers don't always stop.

"I think it is much safer, but sometimes the cars don't always stop because they don't always know how it works," said one woman crossing Sheridan Drive.

"There will be confusion, but as you just noticed, we crossed here at Sheridan Drive in the town and it worked quite well and fairly quickly," Piazza said.

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