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Hamburg highway superintendent to temporarily surrender town vehicle

The Hamburg Town Board says Ted Casey violated a policy in regards to town owned vehicles on more than one occasion.

HAMBURG, N.Y. — The Hamburg Town Board voted Monday night for Hamburg Highway Superintendent Ted Casey to surrender his town vehicle for 60 days. The board says Casey violated a policy in regards to town owned vehicles on more than one occasion.

Last year Casey was caught on camera driving his town vehicle in Philadelphia and was ticketed for running a red light. Casey said he used the vehicle to respond to an emergency situation involving his daughter.

The board said Casey’s vehicle was again being used against policy when it was photographed at a movie theater in Orchard Park.

The board says the highway superintendent is only permitted to drive town vehicles during regular business hours for business.

Hamburg Town Supervisor Jim Shaw says Casey must surrender his Ford Expedition to Hamburg Town Hall by Friday. If Casey fails to surrender the vehicle, the Town of Hamburg Police Department has been directed to take possession of it.

Shaw says the board did not want to take the vehicle away indefinitely, but wanted to send a message that he has to obey the rules, and says further disciplinary action could come if the policy is not followed.

Casey will get the town vehicle back after 60 days.

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