LOCKPORT, N.Y. — A group in Lockport is gaining support to try and repair or build a new Rail Yard Skate Park.

On Sunday, the group held a community meeting at Steamworks Coffee in Lockport to discuss the new park. The current skate park is more than a decade old and is made of wood.

"It would just be great for the younger generation to have something to ride on especially cause this skate park is slowly rotting away" said skater Ashton Wallak.

The group has been in touch with the Tony Hawk Foundation, which has a new partnership with the Ralph C. Wilson, Junior Foundation called Built to Play. The program offers public skate park grants in up to $250,000 in match funds.

"What we are aiming for is a ten-thousand square foot skate park which is 500 thousand dollars" organizer Vince Wiese said. "We're going to raise $250,000 to get the matching Ralph C. Wilson grant, to make it up to $500,000."

The group is selling gray Rail Yard Skatepark T-shirts to raise money.

Wiese says he has also contacted the city for support. "Our second meeting was at the skate park we met with the Mayor of Lockport, and she's fired up about it."

If you would like to know more about the project you can find more at the group's Facebook page.

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