BUFFALO, N.Y. — The grandmother of the 3-year-old boy found sleeping on a Potomac Avenue has been granted temporary custody of the child.

Zenaida Colon is the paternal grandmother of Noelvin Valentin and will attempt to get permanent custody at another hearing in Florida.

The young boy was found on Potomac Avenue, not far from where two bodies were found inside a burned car, rented in Florida by his parents.

His grandmother told our sister station in Florida that the family is focused on finding the toddler's parents.

"Now that he's home, I'm going to put my strength into finding out what happened with his parents, the three that had went up there," Colon said.

Noelvin's grandmother will now have a hearing in Florida in order to gain permanent custody.

There's no word on the whereabouts of the child's parents, Miguel Valentin-Colon and Nicole Maria Merced Plaud, as well as a friend of theirs who was with them, Dhamyl Mirella Roman-Audiffred. All three are from Florida.  

Police said they are seeking two people of interest shown in surveillance video leading a child, believed to be Noelvin, from the vehicle as it bursts into flames.

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