DEPEW, N.Y. -- With just 55 days until the general election, local Republican leaders still haven't named Chris Collins’ replacement for the ballot in New York’s 27th Congressional District.

So, what's taking them so long?

"This has been the most disruptive thing I could ever imagine happening to our organization," says Erie County GOP Chair Nick Langworthy.

When Chris Collins suspended his re-election campaign last month, Langworthy said to expect a decision on who would replace Collins in seven to ten days. So, what gives?

"Why have you not selected someone to run in Chris Collins' place yet?" asked 2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik.

"Well, I think we've done plenty of interviews where we've talked about the fact that there's a lot of the New York State election law impacts our ability to move candidates on or off the ballot. All of that has to happen after primary day, which is tomorrow," says Langworthy.

"Originally, though, you were saying that you wanted somebody who could potentially march in Labor Day parades, and it's after Labor Day," responded Dudzik.

"I have more lawyers than I can count. I've learned a lot about the election law and the different machinations involving that. There's no playbook that comes with that. We really thought that we could designate a candidate that could be on their way. There seem to be pitfalls with it eventually as we learn more about how this would actually start to work," said Langworthy.

Langworthy says he will work with the seven other GOP county chairs from the 27th District at a state committee meeting in Albany on Tuesday to perhaps finalize the date they'll select someone to run in Collins' place.

"Is there a chance Chris Collins remains on the ballot for this position?" asked Dudzik.

"There's, I mean, my opposition has said that they are going to sue us every which way. I mean, if it's a matter of the courts and the courts decide that, then that will be that scenario, but it's our will to start with a fresh slate with a new candidate that can be focused on representing the district and campaigning for the district rather than their own legal situation," said Langworthy.

Langworthy says no one new has come to him saying they're no longer interested in running in Collins' place and added there won't be another day of interviews.

2 On Your Side asked Langworthy about any hard deadlines. He says September 21 is when the military absentee ballots have to be mailed out by the Board of Elections.