MIAMI, FLORIDA - Police in Miami, Fla., are investigating the disappearance of Genesee County native Alexis Say, who was last seen waiting in the lobby of North Shore Medical Center near North Miami on Jan. 23.

Say's mother, Jennifer, said the Human Trafficking Task Force, which was launched by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office in 2012, has been in touch with her about her daughter's disappearance. A spokesperson for the state attorney's office confirmed it has been in contact with the family but could not comment any further.

Multiple detectives from the Miami-Dade Police Department's missing persons unit have also been assigned to the case, according to Jennifer Say.

"We're trying not to fear the worst," Say said, "but all the help we can get would be great."

The Say family lived in Pembroke until 2006 before moving to Atlanta. Jennifer Say recently moved back to Western New York, but her daughter has been living in Miami.

Last week, Jennifer Say traveled to Miami to search for her 22-year-old daughter, who is in poor health. Jennifer Say remains in South Florida and spoke to 2 On Your Side via Skype, urging anyone with information to contact police or her family. That contact information can be found on a Facebook Page and website devoted to finding Alexis Say.

Alexis Say, who had been in a rehab program in Miami, went to the emergency room at North Shore Medical Center after suffering from a seizure. The hospital discharged her on Jan. 23, and she had been waiting in the lobby for someone from the rehab program to pick up her up, according to her mother.

But that's the last time she was spotted in public.

"Alexis has no ID, no cell phone-- all she left with was the clothes on her back. Someone out there has to know something," Jennifer Say said. "At this point, we're not sure exactly what area she's in. We believed it to be Miami, but we're told if this is part of human trafficking, she could be anywhere in the country at this time."

Say has received numerous tips about her daughter's disappearance, but the family is still waiting for a breakthrough.

"I get calls, but they really haven't led us anywhere. It's people with good information, but it's all old information that doesn't really send us in any good direction," Jennifer Say said. "Keep an eye out for her. You're the only chance I have to find her and get her back. It just takes one good person in the right place at the right time."