BUFFALO, N.Y. — A 64-year-old man from Sloane, N.Y., is a Vietnam veteran most days, but once a week he becomes a superhero.

Arthur Brose Sr. has five children and 15 grandchildren. One evening around Halloween he put on a Batman costume and told his grandchildren a story about how he was Batman's grandfather "Bat Pop."

"I was playing with my grand kids and I came up with 'Bat Pop.' ... I was telling people that I was Batman's grandfather." said Brose.

The story not only captivated his young grandchildren but became a springboard for something much larger.

"Bat Pop" began visiting Eastern Niagara Hospital in Lockport every Wednesday to bring joy to the patients and staff.

"They see me and you see this big grin. As soon as they see me they grin," said Brose.

He brings gifts, poses for pictures with his homemade Batmobile, and tells jokes to make them laugh.

"You know I take gifts to the kids" said Brose. "I'm not allowed to see some of the kids but I can donate to them and they say 'Bat Pop' brought this for you."

However, when he takes off his mask, Arthur Brose remains a superhero. "Everybody says oh you're a miracle. No, I'm not a miracle, I'm just a tough old guy, that's all," he said.

Brose has had 18 heart attacks since he was 32 and has had three open-heart surgeries.

"Ya know, I died a couple times and came back" said Brose, "and that's why I look at things a lot different than most people do ... I do this to make people smile and it's working."