BUFFALO, N.Y. — Two guys who know how to ball out on the football field. They did it as kids at Johnnie B. Wiley Stadium in Buffalo and now they are ready to do it at the Super Bowl.

Eagles defensive back Corey Graham and Eagles linebacker Steve Means are from Buffalo. They grew up in the same neighborhood and played little league football.

"It's special for WNY, they are living proof of just staying the course," said Lewis "Muki" Hawkins, who coached both players as kids.

He called Graham "one of the toughest son of a guns you would want to get on the field with," and he said Means epitomized the term "beast." The two are teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.

Means attended Grover Cleveland High School and the University at Buffalo.

Graham graduated from Turner Carroll High School and the University of New Hampshire. Both excelled on the field and in the classroom.

Little league coaches new both were stars. Graham's face graced a little league championship card in 1998.

There is a little league award named in honor of Graham. Ironically, Means won the trophy a few years ago.

Coach Anthony Gordon is very proud of Means. More importantly he is excited that Means dad will watch his son run out of the tunnel to play in Super Bowl LII.