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Following Cuomo investigation NYS Assembly Speaker Heastie calls governor 'unfit for office'

Heastie says his office has received the findings of the sexual harassment investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo, calling the findings "disgusting."

ALBANY, N.Y. — Following a report from the New York State Attorney General's office that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, New York State lawmakers are speaking out.

New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie released a statement Tuesday afternoon following the announcement. Heastie says his office has received the 168-page report, calling the findings "disgusting."

Heastie said in part, "The details provided by the victims are gut-wrenching. Our hearts go out to all the individuals who have had to endure this horrible experience. The conduct by the governor outlined in this report would indicate someone who is not fit for office."

Heastie added that the New York State Assembly will have "more to say in the very near future," but did not provide any more details at this time.   

New York Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt also released a statement Tuesday saying the governor is "unfit to hold public office." Ortt says New York State needs a change in leadership as quickly as possible in order to properly face "profound challenges."

Ortt's statement reads in part, "Today is a sad and sobering day for all New Yorkers. The Attorney General’s findings confirm and reinforce the allegations brought by the brave women who came forward against a powerful figure — that Andrew Cuomo is a serial harasser, unfit to hold public office. In the wake of another devastating report, now more than ever Andrew Cuomo must resign. If he fails to do so, the legislature must immediately reconvene to take action to remove him."

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown released a statement adding his voice to those calling on the governor to resign:

“The NYS Attorney General’s report on allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by Governor Cuomo is deeply troubling. Any act of harassment or intimidation - whether in the workplace or elsewhere - is unacceptable. The bravery of the women who came forward highlights the fact that sexual harassment continues to permeate the workplace and for many, diminishes the dignity, honor and joy of public service.

"For the good of our state, I urge Governor Cuomo to do the right thing and resign."

Senator George Borrello released a statement saying the details were "more disturbing than we could have imagined." Borrello also called on the governor to resign. 

Borrello's statement reads in part, "Now that the Attorney General has conducted the due diligence that the Governor himself asked for, he needs to resign immediately. If he refuses, the Democrat-led majorities in the Senate and Assembly must demonstrate the leadership this moment demands and begin impeachment proceedings."

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay released a statement calling the governor's behavior "abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable." Barclay once again called on the governor to resign, saying he is "unfit to serve in his current capacity."

Barclay's statement said in part, "It is in the best interest of the people of New York state for Gov. Cuomo to immediately resign and if he refuses to do so, the Legislature should take the necessary and immediate steps to have him impeached and forcibly removed from office."

Senator Patrick Gallivan issued a statement saying the findings were deeply disturbing, saying the governor violated his oath of office and is not fit to effectively govern.

"The report issued by the New York State Attorney General regarding sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against the Governor is deeply disturbing. The findings of her four-month investigation indicate the governor not only broke multiple laws and fostered a hostile work environment; he violated his oath of office and is no longer fit to govern effectively. His only appropriate course of action is to resign. If he does not, the Legislature should use this report as its basis to immediately commence impeachment proceedings as outlined in the State Constitution.”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke with NBC about the findings of the independent investigation calling is a "very serious and damning report," she also said she believes that the governor should resign. 

“The fact that there are 11 women coming forward is deeply, deeply disturbing," Gillibrand said.

Congressman Chris Jacobs released a statement saying the governor must resign.

“Andrew Cuomo has irreparably disgraced his office, broken numerous laws, and intimidated at least one brave employee who came forward and reported his consistent abuse. He cannot serve as Governor of New York any longer, he must resign immediately and face justice for his crimes.” 

New York State Assemblymember Jonathan Rivera issued a statement applauding the Attorney General's office for releasing the report, adding “I urge Gov. Cuomo to protect the sanctity of his office by immediately issuing his resignation. Given the nature of today’s report, I am also prepared to vote “Yes” on any impeachment proceeding.”

State Senator Sean Ryan issued a statement saying he believes Cuomo "is not fit for the office."

“The report from the Attorney General's office outlines a pattern of disturbing behavior, including serious impropriety by the Governor and attempts by his office to silence accusers. I commend the women in the report for coming forward to tell all of us about what they had to endure. The report makes clear that the Governor is not fit for the office he holds, and he should step down immediately and allow Lieutenant Governor Hochul to assume the powers of the Office of Governor. If he refuses to do so, it is incumbent upon the Assembly and Senate to remove him from office. I thank the Attorney General and the independent investigators for their deliberate work to uncover the truth.”