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Florida family meets women who kept boy safe

A Buffalo woman found a little boy on her porch Monday in a box she leaves out for cats.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Police are still trying to figure out whether human remains found inside a burned-out car Monday night are connected to a little boy found in a box Monday morning.

As that investigation continues, a family from Florida came to Buffalo Tuesday to try to get custody of the child as police search for his missing parents. The family also met the women who took care of the boy after he turned up on one of their porches.

"I'm hoping she's home. I haven't spoken to her. We're going to do this visit unexpectedly. I hope she's there. I think it's going to be emotional for me," said Zenaida Colon Tuesday evening.

Colon and her family came to Buffalo Tuesday to try to get custody of the three-year-old boy found on a Buffalo porch Monday morning. She says the child is her grandson, Noelvin.

After spending the day in court, the family wanted to meet the women who kept him safe until police got there.

Child Protective Services has custody of the boy for now. While the family tries to get custody, Buffalo Police are looking for his parents and a family friend, all missing from the Orlando area. Colon says her son and daughter-in-law are spontaneous, so traveling to Buffalo without telling her isn't out of the ordinary.

Tuesday afternoon, her family visited Tonawanda Street where human remains were found in a burned-out car Monday. Police are trying to figure out whether the two cases are connected.

"I'm hopeful that we have a good outcome to this, but if we don't, at least we have peace of mind that they're there or they're not. The sooner the better," said Colon.

While they wait, they're thankful the little boy ended up with kind women who gave him clothes, toys, and hugs. The family says they're going to be allowed see the little boy Wednesday morning for two hours. It'll be the first time seeing him since they got here from Florida. They also told us the next court date for the custody case is October 9.

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