BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The biggest change this year for Food Truck Tuesday is the start time. The event begins at 4:30 in this afternoon this year to meet demands and spread out crowds.

Food Truck Tuesday started six years ago with four trucks, and it really took off. It now includes a rotation of around fifty trucks. Twenty-six are featured each week.

Joining the fleet this year are Pi Craft, Bada Bing, Fat Bob’s, Niagara Café, and Sweet Lisa’s. You could go every week for the next six months and have something different for dinner every time.

Organizer Leslie Zemsky says the success of Food Truck Tuesday is reflective of the revitalization of the neighborhood.

“As our neighborhood has grown, we are also really proud of how we help the small businesses because there are a lot of food truck operators who got their ideas by coming to Food Truck Tuesday. We hear a story of, oh I came every single week the year before to study how it’s done. There’s a lot of networking and support between food truck operators. It’s great for a neighborhood, great for Buffalo, but it’s also wonderful for all the small businesses,” says Zemsky.

The trucks serve everything from mac and cheese and hot dogs to desserts and salads.

"I love food, and I love Buffalo food, and I like to be able to try it all at one time. So, I'm getting some poutine, and I'm getting some Amy's, and I'm going to be all set," says Kalynn Kucewicz.

There is a healthy option at each truck, too, and several restaurants and bars close by also open up to celebrate the event.

Admission and parking are both free. Food Truck Tuesdays run through October.