BUFFALO, N.Y. - How big of Buffalo Sabres fans are you? Big enough to name your children after some players? Well, this couple from Buffalo did just that.

Kenan and Erinne welcomed triplets into the world on November 7, 2018. Two boys and one girl.

And they love the team so much they decided to name their two boys: Rasmus and Miller.

"My wife loved Rasmus Ristolainen while he was first drafted by the Sabres, loved his name, so once the Sabres won the lottery and the rights to draft Rasmus Dahlin, we were like, I guess we'll name one of our boys Rasmus," said proud father Kenan.

He also added that Ryan Miller was his favorite player of all time growing up, so that's where the name Miller came into play.

And, to top off this awesome story, they were born just one day before the Sabres started their six-game winning streak.

Rasmus and Miller's sister, Dawsyn, isn't named after any Sabres, but the parents say they haven't ruled out giving her a Sabres nickname in the future.