BUFFALO, NY - Local leaders celebrated three new homes in Lackawanna Monday.

The houses were built on the site of dilapidated homes that the city had demolished, with the help of money from the department of housing and urban development.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, Congressman Brian Biggins, and Lackawanna Mayor Geoff Szymanski, among others, were there to celebrate the new homes, and remark on what it means for the city.

"Neighborhoods are coming back to life in Lackawanna and these new homes are evidence of the partnerships that are making it happen. From demolition to new construction, these parcels have been transformed into homesteads to be proud of," said Poloncarz.

Higgins added, "These Lackawanna home rehab projects, made possible through a collaborative effort between the City and Erie County, illustrate the important role federal community development funding plays in strengthening neighborhoods."

Two of the homes already have families moved in, the third will be open for renters April 1.