BUFFALO, N.Y. -- As Women and Children's Hospital prepares to move to its new location in the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, families and staff are finding ways to say goodbye to the old facility.

On Saturday, they held hands and created a heart around a tree at the hospital's entrance. A special drone aerial photo was taken.

Hospital officials said this will be the first of several events that will celebrate the hospital's 125 year legacy.

"It's an idea that came from our staff -- to give the old hospital a 'hug' goodbye," said Allegra Jaros, President of Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo. "So it's a bitter sweet day for us, for those of us who were born here, had our kids here, had children cared for here. It is really meaningful. So it's just an opportunity for us all to celebrate a little bit."

The initial idea was to circle the entire hospital, Jaros said, but the weather didn't cooperate, and they couldn't fly the drone high enough to get a view of the entire hospital.

However, the tree that was circled is meaningful to the hospital on its own, she added, as it's often celebrated around the holidays as a symbol of the patients' families and the hospital providers.

Jaros also said while it's sad to see the hospital's time at its old location come to a close, there is also a lot of excitement about the new facility. The major move is expected to start in the beginning of November and the hospital will be renamed the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital. Outpatient clinics moved to the new Oishei Children's Hospital Outpatient Center in January.

"We will miss the building and the memories that we all have had here, but the new building is spectacular," she said. "It's going give us the opportunity to really enhance the care that we provide to our patients, to recruit physicians and staff; it's just going to be great for our community."