Hamburg, NY-- The first sight you’ll see at the 25th Annual Cavalcade of Cars is a pristine, 1955 Thunderbird.

The Hamburg Fairground event is known for drawing it’s fair share of beautiful cars from years past.

But its a sudden left turn from there that will bring you to a first-time showcase that’s grabbing everyone’s attention: a blue, late-60’s Chevelle SS.

It’s the car once owned by State Trooper Kevin Dobson, who was killed by a passing vehicle while on a traffic stop back in March of 2011.

This year is the first year the car has been put on display; it’s only been ready for a few days.

“I actually got it done Thursday morning just to get it here,” said Tom Kwihekowski, the Western New York representative for Syracuse National. “It was an honor for me to do this."

Kwihekowski said it had always been Dobson’s goal to finish the car himself before he died.

"The car was sitting for six years in a garage,” Kwihekowski smiled. “So we decided [to] get this car, in honor of Kevin, done for the show.”

Hundreds of people recognized Dobson’s picture when they stop by, Kwihekowski said, marked by its “Born to Run” decal on the trunk.

Dobson’s family stopped by on Friday, Kwihekowski said, to watch it’s triumphant debut firsthand. Everyone loved it, according to Kwihekowski, who calls it a perfect way to remember Dobson nearly 7 months later.