BUFFALO, N.Y. — A dozen tall ships are on their way to Buffalo for the "Basil Port of Call Buffalo" Festival that starts Thursday.

The four-day celebration is expected to bring more than a hundred thousand visitors to the Buffalo Waterfront.

Officials released some important information about parking and some of the rules for the event.

Visitors are encouraged to use the NFTA's Park and Ride options. Remember -- there are more than 14,000 parking spots located along Metro Rail line within a block of a metro station.

Erie street and Marine Drive will be closed to the public, unless you live there. They're giving out passes to residents.

You can also expect some tight security.

In the three small, fenced security areas around the ships, prohibited items include backpacks, umbrellas and selfie sticks, food and liquids (including full water bottles), and coolers. Due to long lines and hot temps, they have suspended the “no water” rule for visitors entering the secure areas waiting to board and tour the tall ships.  Visitors can now bring in a SEALED bottle of water through security.

The only exceptions are for baby food or medical supplies. Hand bags and camera bags will be checked.