BUFFALO, N.Y. - Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy spoke with 2 On Your Side following the federal charges brought against New York Representative Chris Collins on Wednesday.

"It's a sad day. It's an emotional day," Langworthy said.

Collins, who is the United States Representative for New York's 27th congressional district, was arrested Wednesday morning after a federal grand jury indicted him on insider trading charges as well as lying to federal agents.

Langworthy said he was surprised to see the indictment come this close to an election and said these charges aren't about Chris Collins, the member of congress, but the businessman.

"This is not about the official office of Chris Collins as a member of congress, this is something about a business he had investments in."

When asked if Langworthy supports Collins' re-election bid, Langworthy said he hasn't had a conversation with Collins yet.

Langworthy also said he doesn't think Collins' charges reflects on the republican party and that the nominations time period has ended for that office, meaning come November, Chris Collins will be on the ballot.

And, if Collins is convicted of fraud and wins re-election, Langworthy said, "after the next congress convenes, I think he'd be forced to resign."

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