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Erie County Parks: Be careful with 'kindness rocks'

Erie County Parks tweeted a message asking people to be careful how they decorate "kindness rocks" because the decorations can be harmful to wildlife.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Maybe you've seen so-called "kindness rocks" laying around or perhaps you've left one behind.

The Erie County Parks Department said some of these decorated rocks have more than just positive messages on them, and the decorations can be harmful to wildlife.

Erie County Parks tweeted out a message asking people not to decorate the rocks with fuzzy hair, glitter, stickers, or googly eyes because they don't want the animals eating the decorations.

Park Ranger Chuck Bartlett said some people are even putting their rocks in plastic bags to protect them, but then the bags end up as litter and blow around.

He said parks crews will remove rocks that have things stuck or glued to them. Rocks decorated with paint or marker are okay, as long as they're not in a spot where mowers will run them over.