WEST SENECA, NY - The Erie County SPCA welcomed 15 dogs from shelters in New Jersey and San Antonio Thursday afternoon.

The animals were surrendered to those rescue organizations prior to Hurricane Harvey, but they are now being shifted to other shelters to make room for other animals directly affected by the storm.

The Toronto Humane Society also accepted some of the dogs that were brought in by van.

The animals will be up for adoption soon.

"It's a long road trip for them," said Gina Browning, head of communications for the Erie County SPCA. "They are a little stressed. We haven't had a chance to examine them for behavior or medical conditions. We gave them the day to settle down. As we start learning more about the animals, we can start putting them up for adoption one at a time."

She said one or more animals may be ready for adoption as soon as Friday.

In the coming weeks and months, it's likely the SPCA will get dogs from Houston shelters, or dogs that were lost or abandoned during the disaster.