WELLSVILLE, N.Y. - The SPCA of Allegany Co. is calling it one of the worst cases of starvation they've seen in nearly ten years. Two dogs are recovering after being found in horrible condition, one barely alive, in a trailer in Allegany County earlier this month.

They responded to a cruelty hotline call on September 11 leading them to a trailer in the community of Whitesville. They found the two dogs and immediately rushed them to a local vet.

According the the SPCA's Facebook page, the worst dog, Mooch, was unable to stand or lift his head. The second dog, Ace, was very thin, but in stable condition. One of the vets that examined Mooch said the dog would not have survived another 48 hours if he had not been found.

The SPCA says because of the dog's severely emaciated condition, Mooch will require a prescription diet and very structured feeding schedule. Over the next few weeks, the amount of food he's given will increase to help his body slowly adjust to having food again. So far, he's already gained five pounds and continues to get stronger every day.

The other dog, Ace, is doing well, continuing to gain weight and regrow the fur he was missing.

Eugenio Charles, III of Whitesville, is facing charges including felony aggravated cruelty to animals and failure to provide proper sustenance. He was released on an appearance ticket and is due to appear in court in the Town of Independence on Wednesday.