CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — New details are emerging about the man accused of a shooting at a Dollar General store Tuesday afternoon.

Travis Green, 29, is accused of attempted murder and a number of other felony charges. He is being held without bail.

The Erie County District Attorney's Office alleges Green went to the store, located near French and Union Roads, and went inside for an application.

It's alleged that he became irate for some reason and left the store and started shooting at the store from the outside.

Green's mother, Viola, said she thinks her son was "fed up" and snapped. She said he was stressed because he was recently hurt at work, fired from a job, and was going through a separation with his wife.

"It was building up. The pressure was building up over time as far as me talking with him and him talking with me," said Viola Green. "I believe he just got fed up."

Cheektowaga Police say Green had no prior criminal history. Chief David Zack said his department's only contact with Green was for minor traffic violations and a domestic incident that didn't result in an arrest or charges.

Green told the judge he was currently employed at CertainTeed in Buffalo.

The company sent a statement to 2 On Your Side:

We can confirm Travis Green is an employee of SPS Temporaries Inc. The CertainTeed Siding Buffalo facility does use SPS Temporaries Inc. for staffing needs. Any further questions should be directed to his employer or local authorities.