BUFFALO, N.Y. - Sunday morning, JJ Dalton, wife of Cincinatti Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, and members from the Andy and JJ Dalton Foundation were in town to make a donation to Roswell Park's Pediatric Department and the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation Angel Fund.

And an unexpected guest made an appearance for the announcement: Andy Dalton himself.

You can watch the special moment he surprised families below:

Bills fans may recall, Dalton and the Bengals helped send the Bills to their first NFL playoff appearance since 1999, after Andy Dalton's improbable go-ahead touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter knocked the Baltimore Ravens out of the playoffs on New Year's Eve last year.

After that game, many Western New Yorkers sent more than $400,000 in donations to the Dalton's foundation as a 'thank you for helping us end the playoff drought' gift.

Dalton and his wife made the announcement on Twitter earlier this month saying that when the Bengals come to town for the game, they would make a donation - and they stuck true to their word.