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Frustrated by the lack of plowed streets, South Buffalo resident starts clearing the street himself

After having one plow come down Como Avenue between Thursday and Sunday, one resident started to plow the street himself.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — It hasn't snowed in South Buffalo since Sunday, but residents in the neighborhood are still frustrated that side streets aren't passable. 

"It was one of the areas hit the hardest, but there was really not much concentration of help," said Roman Celniker. 

"I feel like there still could have been done more."

Celniker owns Transit Collision on Abbott Road. He and his team managed to fill the garage with vehicles that were scheduled for repair, but haven't been able to get them out because of so much snow on the street still. 

"It's a little bit frustrating because not only do we have all the snow in the building, we have all the snow in the streets," Celniker said. 

Over on Como Avenue, only one plow had made a pass between McKinley Parkway and Abbott Road between Thursday and Sunday, according to Kyle Fenske. 

"We've been here on day five, and we've only had one come down," Fenske said. 

Early Sunday, Fenske became frustrated that his street wasn't plowed, so he started snow blowing all the snow away from the vehicles parked on the street. 

"We essentially had a couple of feet away from the cars because I figured once the loader comes down, they're only gonna get so far," Fenske said. "But if I give them that space, they could just get the rest of the snow."

When the plow eventually made its way down Como Avenue on Sunday, Fenske's plan did not work out as he had hoped. 

"They brought a v-plow down instead," Fenske said. "They just pushed everything back in 10 fold because now it's packed down and it's up against all the cars."

Fenske spent a good chunk of Monday and Tuesday unburying his neighbor's cars with his snowblower because a plow never returned.  

During an update by city of Buffalo DPW Commissioner Nate Marton, not much of South Buffalo is actually passable. 

"We're in the 40 to 45% range of streets in this part of the city that has that clearance," Marton said. 

"That's a rough estimate at this point in time." 

What's unclear, is what the city deems passable. 

"I don't consider this plowed at all, especially because it's now a one-way street," Fenske said. 

"Creating a conflict if people coming into two different areas, then someone's got a backup and if there's no room to back up, are they backing into a snowbank?"

Fenske lived on Como Avenue during the Snowvember 2014 storm and is disappointed that, as he puts it, not much progress for snow removal has been made. 

"This is the second one I was hoping and I thought that they would have a better plan in place to address something like this," Fenske said. 

Fenske said that while he understands everyone is trying their best, he had a simple message for lawmakers and city officials who are responsible for making and implementing snow removal plans. 

"Do better," Fenske said. 

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