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Community donates suits for funeral attendees after Buffalo mass shooting

You can drop off donations at 11 E. Utica Street in Buffalo.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Now is the time to look through your closet and find those suits you don't wear or don't want anymore. 

You can bring them to the Utica Business Center, where they'll be giving to help those who were close to the victims of the mass shooting.

There are many suit measurements taking place at the business center for those grieving loved ones. 

"Both of (the funerals in my family) are from the mass shooting," Tyler Pace said. 

Pace lost his great aunt and cousin.

He's one of many looking for funeral attire.

Dewitt Lee III, owner of St. Brian Clothiers, doesn't want anyone who is grieving to have to pay for a suit, belt, or tie.

"It's so horrific. It's tragic," Lee said. 

He's collecting suits whether it's for a funeral or for someone who needs to attend a special occasion while they're grieving. 

"You mix in those who have to attend prom," Lee said. "It's a lot of mixed emotions in here. We can go from a high to a low really quickly."

The community tries to keep those emotions on the brighter side by piling in donations.

"I had a couple of extra suits. So why not take them," said Glenn Gadley, who brought in a few suits. 

There have been so many donations that the drive has been extended indefinitely. 

A suit may not be able to fix the devastation a gunman has caused. 

But even in the darkest of times, neighbors will never give up on one another. 

"This brought us closer together," Gadley said. "Basically trying to just give something back instead of taking something away."

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