BUFFALO, N.Y. - Another phase of one of the largest housing developments is almost complete in North Buffalo.

"Colvin Estates" will bring 104 homes to the 23 acres between Colvin and Starin Avenues, just north of Taunton Place. Marrano homes built the development, and the company says it hasn't built any new houses in the city in 15 years.

"The city has changed exponentially over the last 15 years. Residents are flocking back to the Elmwood Village, Hertel, and downtown area. The housing market is booming. People want to live in the city," said Jim Murrano, Executive Vice-President of Operations at Murrano Homes.

Marrano homes also told 2 On Your Side that only two homes of the 34 put up for sale in this phase of the project remain on the market, and they expect all of them to be occupied by the end of the year.