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Civil lawsuits expected to be filed soon as a result of May 14 shooting

Attorney John Elmore says to expect lawsuits to be filed in the near future.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Following the shooting, some of the families of the victims retained lawyers to potentially file civil lawsuits.

On Monday, 2 On Your Side got an update on where that legal process stands.

"I can tell you it's been a long investigation. We've been working with the federal prosecutors, we've been working with the state prosecutors, this is a potential death penalty case and because of that, the federal authorities and the state authorities have been very tight-lipped in sharing information with us. There's over three terabytes of information," says attorney John Elmore. 

Attorney John Elmore represents the estates of Katherine Massey and Andre MacNeil, and along with attorney Terry Connors who represents some of the other families, they will meet with prominent attorneys from across the U.S. who have successfully sued gun manufacturers on Tuesday to come up with their next steps for any potential civil lawsuits.

"We've assembled an all-star team of attorneys. One is Josh Koskoff from the Koskoff Law Firm, which recently was in the news because they successfully sued Remington for the Sandy Hook massacre. In February, they received a verdict of $73 million which was the first in this nation holding the manufacturer of an AR-15 liable for a mass murder," says John Elmore.

They will also meet with a representative of the Gabby Giffords Foundation.

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"We are working together for the good of our community here in Buffalo, for the good of the people that we represent and really we believe that because of the good of America because this lawsuit that we do plan on commencing at some point in time in the near future is a very, is one of the most important lawsuits that will be filed in America," says John Elmore.

Bottom line, they could end up suing the gun manufacturers and social media companies - the websites where the mass shooter is accused of talking about and carrying out his plan to shoot and kill Black people at Tops.

We should know more about the next steps the attorneys will take in the coming days.

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