BUFFALO, N.Y. — A new deal is in place to keep Buffalo's parks flourishing.

The City of Buffalo and the Olmsted Parks Conservancy signed an agreement Thursday through the end of the year 2030.

The city owns 850 acres of Olmsted parks and parkways, and the Conservancy operates and manages it.  The new deal renews those roles that have been in place for the last 15 years.

“This agreement guarantees that Buffalo’s residents, and our friends from all over Western New York, will continue to enjoy our Olmsted parks and the many attractions they offer,” said Buffalo's Mayor Byron Brown. “We recognize the Conservancy’s valuable role in administering and maintaining our city’s Olmsted parks, parkways and circles at appropriate levels of excellence and this agreement encourages the Conservancy’s continued commitment to park maintenance, fiscal accountability, and promoting the enhancement of the City’s world-class Olmsted Park System. As we continue to build a City of opportunity where all people prosper, I’m also pleased that this agreement promotes a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“This partnership is grounded in collaboration and cooperation for the betterment and sustainability of our unique historic parks,” said Conservancy Executive Director Stephanie Crockatt. “Good partners find balance and innovation for resources, and that’s how we intend to move forward in our mission to steward Olmsted’s legacy in partnership with the mayor, his deputy commissioner of parks, our Common Council and a supportive Western New York legislative delegation, so all our residents and visitors can access and enjoy these public assets.”

Under the deal, the city is committed to spending almost $1.4 million a year on the parks. The conservancy will keep the money they get from things like casino rentals, the golf courses and concessions.