BUFFALO, N.Y. — Always humble. Always appreciative. Cierra Dillard will never forget the moment she watched the WNBA draft.

"Honestly, just everything that I've gone through, all the struggles, all the obstacles I've overcome, just to see my name pop up, only 36 people see that," she said.

Cierra Dillard a couple of weeks before heading to Minnesota

The 5-foot-8 guard who helped lead the University at Buffalo Bulls to the NCAA tournament was drafted by the Minnesota Lynx. She was one of 19 players competing for a roster spot.  

Cierra Dillard was cut May 11 by the Minnesota Lynx after she was drafted in the second round of April's WNBA draft.

On Monday, she was claimed off waivers by the Los Angeles Sparks, who then released her on May 18.


"There was a lot of people that told me I wasn't gonna make it through high school, that I wasn't going to make it through college, that the WNBA was a dream, and they told me that that you're too slow, that you don't have the right body frame, you don't have the right play, you're one-dimensional," Dillard said during an interview on her college court with 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing and Pete Gallivan. 

She admitted going to the League was always her dream.

"It was always a dream. When I was 5 years old, I wrote a book and my mom holds on it and she brings it to every game," she said.

The book
Cierra Dillard

Just spending a few minutes talking with Dillard and you quickly learn she has determination.

"I've been through the poverty inner city of Rochester. You can bring success back to the city that you are from," she said.

Cierra has had a basketball in her hand for years
Cierra Dillard

It is very clear Dillard is a believer in Buffalo.

"It's a sports city. I think it's one of the best sports cities in the country. No matter how good or bad their teams are doing, they always love and support. I love that. I'm a sports fan, and what made me such a good basketball player is being a sports fan first. I wanted to have that feel or give that feel to the audience that I felt when I was a kid," Dillard said.

Dillard majored in sociology and broadcasting.

Cierra Dillard


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