The Town Supervisor in Cheektowaga has documents that show the purchase of what she calls "questionable" items, including reclining full-body massage chairs in the libraries.

Supervisor Diane Benczkowski says there are three massage chairs in the Julia Boyer Reinstein Library and two in the library on Harlem Road.

She wasn't happy about the purchase, and to find out they are in a break room for staff only.

Benczkowski learned about the chairs when going through documents.

"When I started looking at receipts that the library board would submit for reimbursement, I came across five reclining massage chairs," Benczkowski said.

The supervisor said she is sending a directive for the chairs to be placed in public spacer for library users.

"Those chairs should be out there for the public to use not in a break room," she said.

This year the supervisor is looking to slash the library funding by $30,000. She said all departments are taking a financial hit.

"It doesn't mean we have to cut library hours," Benczkowski said.

She also plans to talk with Town Board members who sit on the Library Board. She is concerned about their lack of attendance at meeting where they could have seen red flags in spending, but she was quick to say "I also put the blame on myself because I am the chief financial officer of the town."

The chairs cost about $230 each, and there was a purchase of murals that she questions. 

"I also want to drive the Maserati, but I can't afford it. This is taxpayer dollars so I think it's more important we keep those libraries open," the supervisor said.

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