Beth Mooney is a big sports fan. Off the top of her head, she can recite the win-loss records of both the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills. She regularly attends Cleveland Cavaliers games, and Mooney says people have learned she is not to be interrupted while she's watching.

People may be tempted to strike up a conversation because Mooney is the CEO of KeyBank. She took the job in May of 2011, becoming the first woman to become CEO of a Top 20 US bank.

Among her accomplishments, shepherding the merger with First Niagara Bank. Now, the head of KeyBank is about the business of "upping our profile".

KeyBank has kicked in $300,000 to assist Kaleida Health with its transition from Women and Children's Hospital to the new Oshei Children's Hospital. With the big move coming next week, Mooney was in Buffalo for a tour of the new facility.

There, she sat down with 2 On Your Side to talk about efforts to raise KeyBank's profile in Buffalo, her confidence in her bank's ability to compete with long-time banking leader M&T, and the responsibility she places on herself to make sure woman have avenues to rise to the highest levels in the banking industry.

You can watch Mooney's complete interview here:

(NOTE: This interview took place at Oshei Childrens hospital on Oct. 24.)