HAMBURG, NY - If you've got a craving for burgers, Tuesday is the day for you.

Hamburg's going to be celebrating "Birth of the Burger Day," commemorating 133 years since, legend has it, the Menches Brothers invented the hamburger at the Erie County Fair.

There are a couple different claims to the invention besides that one, and historian Steve Cichon threw some cold water on the fair theory in an article last week.

But another historian, Chris Carosa, said Monday that the other stories have too many contradictions to be true.

"You have to look at the preponderance of evidence, and it really does suggest that the Menches Brothers story is probably a true story," says Carosa.

The big event will be the "Flavor of Hamburg" festival this Saturday - with a sidewalk sale, live music, food specials at restaurants, and a hamburger cookoff.