BUFFALO, N.Y. — Cashless tolls across the entire Thruway will go live by the end of 2020, that date has been known for quite some time. 

But we have learned that installation of equipment for cashless tolls will happen later this year and go into next year. 

Right now, the Thruway Authority says it's still getting responses from companies interested in working for the Thruway in building the cashless tolling system. 

That process is called an RFP -- a request for proposals. 

Some time this summer that process should wrap up and companies will be selected.

After that, construction of putting up the equipment that actually reads your license plate will start.

But what is not known right now, is where on the Thruway that construction will begin.

REPORTER: It's going to have to be worked out exactly which way? 

"That schedule has not been dictated as to where they may start or not what we do have in that RFP in an end date and that will be December of 2020," said Thruway executive director Matthew Driscoll.

The Thruway says it will have to figure out what that plan will be after talking to the companies that will be involved in the construction process. 

The actual toll booths will be removed in 2021.

The Thruway says it hopes to be able to reassign toll workers and give them training for new jobs.