BUFFALO, N.Y. — Young entrepreneurs were able to showcase innovative products and services at the Children's Business Fair at Canalside on Saturday. 

The fair was put together by the Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition and the Acton Children's Business Fair. The event promoted innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurship for Buffalo's youth.

Kids ages 5 to 18 were able to display their own startup business and compete against those in their age groups. 

All age groups were judged based on the marketing and viability of their businesses. Also, depending on their business, some participants will be selling their unique products to the public. 

"We hope that through launching this fair in Buffalo, we can help change the narrative of how we see youth in this community," said Brandy Loveland, director of community engagement at Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition. "Buffalo is growing, so it's time we build our social capital and begin to nurture our youth, so that they grow it into the future."