BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Canadian exchange rate is about 79 cents to the U.S. dollar right now, but that's not stopping anyone from crossing the border on Thanksgiving.

As usual, our Canadian neighbors flocked to border cities like Buffalo on Thursday to take advantage of deals and potentially save hundreds of dollars. Outside the Best Buy at the Walden Galleria, a majority of the customers hailed from Southern Ontario, some as far away as Chatham near the Detroit border.

Brandon Book came from Toronto with his eye on the prize: a new TV.

"Gotta get that TV," he said. "Best Buy Canada can't compete with these deals."

Nadem Nathoo also came from Toronto. He had to take a few days off of work to make the trip to the Galleria.

"Great sales — better sales than they have in Canada, that's for sure," he said. "And it's also an experience to come down here, suffer with people in the cold, just to get a deal. It's good, it's worth it."

James Bittler, a team leader at Best Buy, said Canadians make up a huge portion of their Thanksgiving customers.

"Because they don't have Thanksgiving the same day we do. They come down in droves and take advantage of the deals," Bittler said. "This is the day that runs itself. We've been prepping for the last year and a half and we're ready to go."

So, too, is seemingly the entire population of Canada.