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Can you be ticketed for going too slow in the left lane?

2 On Your Side wanted to know if you can be ticketed for going too slow in the passing lane in New York State.

AMHERST, N.Y. -- We heard from a lot of Western New Yorkers online when we posted video Monday of a police officer from Indiana pulling over a woman who was driving too slow in the left lane of a highway.

A lot of our viewers told us they get stuck behind slow drivers in the left lane all the time, and chances are, you drive long enough, you'll see it. Someone driving slower than everyone else in the passing lane. But is it illegal?

For answers, we turned to AAA driving instructor, and former New York State Trooper, Victor Morales.

"If you're driving 10, 15 miles under the speed limit, and you're impeding traffic that way, and creating a dangerous situation, you would get a ticket for that," Morales said.

There are signs telling you the right way to do it - stay right except to pass. We learn the day we start studying to get our license that the left lane is normally used to pass other vehicles.

A New York State Police spokesperson told 2 On Your Side that typically, if you're driving in the left lane and not passing and not getting over after a mile, you could get a ticket. And, if you look in your rearview mirror and there's a trail of cars behind you, like that woman in Indiana, and you're not getting over when you're able to, you can be ticketed because those signs are posted.

"Did you pull over a lot of people for going too slow or the speed limit in the left-hand lane?" 2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik asked.

"Here and there, and a lot of times, when you pull them over you find out, a lot of times they're just too tired and they're driving in that lane not even thinking about it," Morales said.

Morales has seen crashes where people following the slow car get hit themselves, and he says if someone starts tailgating you when you're in the passing lane trying to pass someone yourself, get over as soon as you can.

"Don't have eye contact with them, don't wave your arms at them, or cause anything that would make them start directing their anger at you," Morales said.

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