BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It is bug season and many parks along the Niagara River are seeing swarms of them. "It's kind of itchy, they're all over the place," Dan, a Tonawanda resident, said.

Area residents are swatting the bugs away in Niawanda Park and some say it's hard to even take a lunch break without almost eating one.

Chris Phillips, an Entomologist at Ehrlich Pest Control, says the bugs are sandflies, which are the most common term for them.

Bugs are blanketing many areas, including downtown Buffalo. Mayflies are covering buildings and cars. "Springtime bugs are loving life right now, the amount of moisture we've had... certain species of insects just explode for a short period of time," Phillips said. "And everything points to a stellar mosquito season, unfortunately".

And the bugs in general aren't going anywhere anytime soon. "Perfect conditions for them to start and build nests, so it should be a pretty active year bug wise," Phillips said.