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Buffalo Peacemakers helping downtown's Central Library improve safety

Normal business hours will return for the central library Monday. Buffalo Peacemakers will be present to mange the behavior of teens with bad intentions.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The issue regarding misbehaving teens continues with violence. It plagues our youth, some of whom misbehave in public. most recently at the Downtown Central Library.

"What it is that we're being called to do is manage the conduct of students that are coming in with bad intentions," Pastor James Giles told 2 On Your Side. 

That's why Pastor James Giles from the Buffalo Peacemakers says members of the organization will take shifts at the library throughout the week, keeping a watchful eye on youngsters.

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"We're not necessarily looking to put them out; we're looking to redirect that energy into more positive pursuits," Giles said.

The Peacemakers, known for offering advice, will provide a familiar face to teens who gather at the library. 

"We essentially are mentors. We're not security people. We're not coming in as security people. We're coming in to make sure we engage the youth to help them understand that this is a library space. That's supposed to be tranquil and peaceful, and we need to respect some of the rules there," Giles said.

Giles worries social media is the root of the problem, and when there's an audience, it adds fuel to the fire that's hard to extinguish.

"As soon as the audience goes away, they not going to be doing it. They not going to handle it the way they are. If nobody else is around, keep it moving. Let somebody be around when that happens," Giles told 2 On Your Side.

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