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Buffalo's Hertel Business Association starts sign campaign to help small businesses during pandemic

Proceeds from signs and bumper stickers sold will be used to help business owners pay small bills.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Hertel Business Association is selling signs and bumper stickers, and the money that's raised will be used to help small businesses pay small expenses, like cable, phone or electric bills.

The thought behind the new sign campaign in North Buffalo is that every little bit counts and that the community is in this together.

"Not only do these business owners have their own homes and families and ways they have to support themselves, but they are also maintaining another residence which is their small business. It's often very hard to maintain, especially if they aren't getting the income they normally get from their business," said Suzanne Laba, a North Buffalo resident and Hertel Business Association board member.

Lawn signs are $30. Bumper stickers cost $10. You can purchase one on the association's website and pick it up at Daisy's Doghouse on Hertel Avenue. They also deliver.

Credit: Hertel Business Association

"As people start to see these signs on other peoples' lawns, it's promoting and encouraging others to purchase a sign. The more we have out there, the more shares we get. The more businesses we can help. That's our goal," said board member Sal Dentico.

In order to receive funds, Hertel Avenue small businesses must submit an application and a bill to the Hertel Business Association for review.

The proceeds are available for both members and non-members.

"The big thing is it's not just us helping, it's the community. It's the people buying the signs, bumper stickers, reaching out, showing support, and putting it on their front lawn because that might also encourage someone else to give," Laba said.

Credit: Hertel Business Association

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