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Bills ticket prices soar after win against the Titans

Josh Allen has the number one selling jersey. The team is still favored as Super Bowl champs. And online the Bills are the top team for tickets.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Whether you were at the game or watching from home you might have felt the buzz. The Bills are gaining momentum across Western New York and the country. 

Josh Allen has the number one selling jersey. The team is still favored as Super Bowl champs. And online, the Bills are the top team for tickets.

So what does that mean for fans hoping to see a game at home or away? 

Well, 2 On Your Side took a peak at how much tickets could cost you after that domination win over the Tennessee Titans. 

So maybe layman economists and fans could call it the cost of winning instead of just the cost of living adjustment.

Amidst the hype, there's that will to win from the players and that super-confident tone from many fans that this is a Super Bowl Year for their Bills.  

For ticket broker, Nick Giammusso of VIPTix.com, said, "It's amazing that Bills fans are this excited and the city has kind of a buzz to it and like I said that's translating into ticket prices."

He says the price surge started building last season. And even as the Bills were playing against the Titans, Giammusso says he saw ticket prices start climbing again by an estimated 20%.      

So to watch the Bills play the Dolphins next Sunday in Miami, try now $275 a ticket on top of your Florida trip costs.

And then for a home game against Pittsburgh or Green Bay. Giammusso says "For here in Buffalo, it's not normal to see a $450 upper-level ticket and that's what we're seeing for the Pittsburgh game and that's what we're seeing in the Green Bay game."

You do have later season, colder weather option games including division opponents. But Giammusso points out, "Those games are roughly $135 and up to get in. But we expect those to jump dramatically in the coming days and months."

And if the Bills keep rolling up the scores he cautions with this.

"Normally I'd tell my clients to be patient. Let the market settle down. As we get closer the prices will drop. We're not seeing that this year. We're seeing prices accelerate and get higher and higher as the team is winning by such a big margin." 

One final point from Giammusso is good old supply and demand. "There's not many season ticket holders that are selling their tickets. So what's driving the demand - that drives demand up that they're winning. But it's driving supply down because the season ticket holders are actually wanting to go to the games."

And don't we all if we can afford it?

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