BUFFALO, NY - On Tuesday, Buffalo police officials were grilled by lawmakers and community members on a range of issues important to city residents -- from community policing to better training and equipment for officers.

All were present for the Buffalo Police Oversight Committee meeting.

Residents spoke out, saying they want better police community relations -- these were residents from Non-English speaking communities of the city. Meantime, community groups say they want police officers to wear body cameras, something the department is moving on.

Another question for police was why the department doesn't have tasers?

"We searched tasers and we don't believe it's an option for the Buffalo Police Department, we have our reasons," said police commissioner Daniel Derenda.

The questions are coming up, because earlier this month, a Buffalo Police officer used his patrol vehicle to run over a knife-weilding man, who police say was making threats to officers.

"What the police officers were then struggling to find out is how do I get the interpreter? Do I have a number I call and that's where they were hitting a dead end," said Lisa Strand, an attorney for the Legal Aid Bureau.

Officials say police should know how to get in touch with an interpreter.

REPORTER: Do you have any other information on that and why that didn't happen?

"No I don't and it's unfortunate that it didn't happen because I actually dealt with that family through the whole process and for some reason they didn't talk to me," said Captain Steve Nichols of Buffalo Police.

REPORTER: Do police officers need to be retrained in who to call with these situations?

"Well we will get it back out again, we reissue the general bulletin every couple of months just to put into their head," Nichols said.

Police agreed to work with city leaders in possibly getting the department accredited by the state. This comes after an extensive investigation from our news partners at Investigative Post.