BUFFALO, NY - It's been one of the most popular stories on WGRZ.com -- a Facebook Live video showing a Buffalo police officer driving his SUV into a man, accused of holding a knife.

As we questioned police about what happened -- 2 On Your Side learned Buffalo cops do not carry a weapon that many other departments do.

It turns out that Buffalo Police officers do not carry tasers. Although thousands of police departments, across the country carry the weapon, for Buffalo Police commissioner Daniel Derenda, he believes they're too risky for officers to carry and use on suspects.

"I think the outcome was definitely the best outcome," said John Evans, the vice president of the Buffalo PBA.

He's talking about this incident -- seen on Facebook live on Saturday afternoon near Chicago and Fulton Streets.

A Buffalo police officer ramming his SUV into a man, who had a knife and was making threats to police. The officer's attorney told us he was protecting a fellow cop. The man, who was hit, still hasn't been identified and was taken to ECMC with an ankle injury.

"Yeah it's certainly unorthodox, it's all he had at the time...you know available to him," Evans said.

All he had available?

In our questioning of what else police could've used, officials told us officers don't have tasers, which the PBA says it's been asking for for years.

"It alleviates the need to use physical force or an impact weapon to affect an arrest," Evans said.

The PBA tells us the department only has two tasers and both of them are used by the SWAT team.

We took a look at what other large departments across the state use.

The NYPD says more than 9,000 of its members are trained to use tasers, that includes all uniformed patrol supervisors and training officers. And, in Rochester, while police do have tasers, two years ago the department's program came under scrutiny after a man police subdued with a taser died.

And that's what Buffalo Police say they're worried about happening here -- someone dying or being seriously injured after being tased.

Police do carry mace, batons and of course their service weapon. Internal Affairs is now investigating the incident in the video.